arrangement of ocean ice stations


July 7, 2011

The primary arrangement of ocean ice stations is a wrap! Christie Wood, of Clark University, หาเงินใช้ด้วยเกมพีจีสล็อต The Great icescape strolls up the boat’s forehead subsequent to completing the assortment of water tests at ICESCAPE’s third ice station on July 6, 2011. Credit: NASA/Kathryn Hansen

As we traveled north to each ice station (blue spots) the normal thicknesses of the ice floes consistently expanded from 0.76 meters, 1.03 meters to 1.2 meters. Biologists on board are energized by what they’re seeing. Because a piece of the sea is secured by ice doesn’t imply that infinitesimal life can’t flourish!

The Healy is currently traveling south to pound out more sea stations, yet we’re not out of the ice. Researchers needed to hang tight for an opening through which they could bring down the rosette/CTD gadget. Credit: Gert van Dijken/Stanford University

The rosette/CTD gadget, which gathers water tests and measures its physical properties, has been as of late turning up high convergences of chlorophyll topping near the surface and diminishing at profundity. We’ll keep gathering sea environment, science and optics data through the remainder of the week and perhaps start another arrangement of ice stations by Sunday.

Meanwhile, ever wonder what researchers on board do with their constrained vacation? Courtney Schatzman of Scripps Institution of Oceanography (left) and Alessandra Santiago of Stanford University (right), practice for ICESCAPE’s first non-yearly cribbage competition!

Every so often science gear would separate or become 
damaged while working in the Arctic. Individuals from the EM shop were 
always accessible to do what they could to assist us with fixing instruments, 
even venturing to such an extreme as to machine new parts for us. Individuals from 
the building division performed at the most elevated level of 
professionalism to keep the motors running, and the force on so that 
we could arrive at our science stations and run our instruments.

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