In look for the best Toto latrine? It would be a stunner to realize that people put away a great deal of cash for purchasing an ideal latrine which glances superb in their washroom as well as very convenient to utilize and is agreeable to sit on and help them to spare water. In the end, the picked latrine requires highlighting ground-breaking specialized specs for satisfying the main role of getting it. Along these lines, in the event that you are as of now arranging buy a latrine and might want to accumulate more data about the most recent latrine models so you buy the correct one for your restroom at that point, underneath clarified are the main 5 Toto latrine models with their itemized audits to consider. Get any one after 먹튀검증 on this site.


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TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Review

This is an easily bended one piece latrine having a solitary and switch worked toto flushing framework. This latrine accompanies a delicate close seat. The appropriate tallness of the latrine seat switch worked flush, and the extended bowl configuration highlights amalgamate to make this latrine completely ADA agreeable. This latrine is Water Sense guaranteed.

Key Specs

It is a WaterSense allowed high proficiency (1.28 GPF/4.8 LPF) latrine model.

It has a Universal stature for most extreme solace 16-1/8-Inch edge tallness, seat stature 17-1/4-Inch, tank width 16-9/16-Inch and tank tallness 28-3/8-Inch.

It accompanies a twofold typhoon flushing innovation and extended bowl plan.

This toto latrine one piece model has an incredible and calm flush consistently.

Sana Gloss-Ultra smooth and particle boundary coating clean its bowl with each flush.


This latrine is produced using vitreous china and has the Toto SanaGloss complete the process of cutting down the recoloring and the development of hurtful microorganisms and organisms. This single activity flush latrine model is worked with a chrome covered excursion switch. The latrine model structure follows all the ADA prerequisites.

Flushing System

It accompanies a solitary flush component and utilizations the Toto’s Double Cyclone flushing framework which pulls the flush water in the latrine and empowers it to exit with a predominant power for full leeway of waste in one flush.


This latrine model accompanies Double Cyclone flushing framework and the SanaGloss finish, to ensure that it clears the loss in a solitary flush productively. As the flush is done, the SanaGloss finish chips away at diminishing the development of water stains and hurtful microscopic organisms and microorganisms. This keeps the latrine clean for a more extended range of time and trims down the recurrence of manual cleaning required.


The latrine expends simply 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This low water use include mixed with its ability to clear waste bodes well innovation consistent.


This latrine model utilizes a standard 12″ unpleasant in the waste channel which is being determined from the divider to the center of the funnel. As it is a solitary piece latrine, it weighs considerably more than the base of the two-piece latrine which makes hard to at first position it to the waste channel. It has a very brisk and straightforward establishment process.


Accompanies a completely delicate close seat and cover.

It is a solitary piece latrine plan.

Completely ADA agreeable.

It is WaterSense guaranteed.

Accompanies one year restricted guarantee.


The shapes of the bowl may make a shadow near the water line which can seem like a slight stain.

The latrine’s impression is marginally greater contrasted with that of some ordinary latrine models.

Last Review

It is an incredibly skillful ADA agreeable latrine which satisfies WaterSense details through having an improved cleaning limit with each flush while utilizing 1.28 gallons of water as it were. The SanaGloss finish helps with keeping the latrine clean for a more extended range of time, this trims down the recurrence of manual cleaning. Every one of these highlights make this latrine model significantly more sensibly valued.

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TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Elongated Review

It is a smooth and premium quality toto 1 piece latrines pulling up a chair tallness of 15 inch and extended plan weighing around 93 pounds. It has an enormous 3-inch flush valve that empowers the sensibly estimated volume of 1.28 gallon per flush satisfying WaterSense prerequisites. It has a 2-1/8 inch wide PC structured and totally coated snare way empowering a difficulty free and viable flushing framework. This latrine model accompanies one-year restricted guarantee.

Key Specs

It is a smooth and prominent one-piece latrine model.

It accompanies a calm, vigorous and business grade flushing framework.

It has a 3-Inch wide speedy flush valve.

It has a PC planned and completely coated trapway.

Bowl Rim Height 14-5/8-inch.


This latrine model includes the tank spread, trip switch, fittings and SoftClose seat.

It joins a G-Max innovation.

This latrine model conveys a solid and calm flush consistently.

It has a wide, completely coated and PC planned trapway.

It has a huge water surface and accompanies a low water utilization siphon fly flushing framework.

It has a 2.13″ trap seal.

It has a prolonged bowl structure and a chrome trip switch.

It is completely ADA agreeable.

12″ harsh in.

It is good with the extended washlet.


It is somewhat costly contrasted with the other latrine models accessible available.

The latrine seat isn’t happy.

Last Review

This is a completely ADA agreeable and highlight pressed TOTO keen latrine model which works phenomenally. It totally flushes all the fertilizers down unobtrusively and intensely and helps in sparing a great deal of water. All things considered, it is a decent TOTO latrine model which can turn out be a not too bad buy for you.

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TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet Review

The Toto Drake latrine is known to be one of the most solid brands with regards to flushing force and high-water effectiveness. This is produced using solid and premium materials to guarantee that all aspects of the latrine can keep going for longer use. This is structured with white cotton shading and has a contemporary hope to make it an extraordinary expansion to any restroom style.

Key Specs

It has a contemporary and prominent latrine structure.

It has a SanaGloss wrap up a ultra-smooth and particle boundary coating which cleans the latrine bowl with each flush.

It has a 3-inch wide flush valve which is 125% greater than the customary 2-Inch flush valves.

Accompanies a G-Max toto flushing framework which conveys a peaceful, vigorous and business grade flush execution.


This is a water effective TOTO drake latrine model as it expends simply 1.6 gallons water per flush.

It is planned productively to suit people of all age gatherings, particularly for senior individuals or handicapped individuals. The latrine model is recognized for its very open to seating.

It has an incredible flushing framework, in this way; clients don’t need to stress over the stopping up or awful smell issues subsequent to utilizing the latrine.

It cleans the flush totally and leaves it without any stains deserted.

The latrine surface is gleaming which conveys it an a la mode contact and its stretched structure is able for the cutting edge and propelled prerequisites of washroom fixtures.Since it is a two piece latrine model, it very simpler to introduce.


This two-piece TOTO business latrine is very hard to spotless as it comes in two separate components.

Microscopic organisms and soil get amassed in the jolts and other covered regions.

It is somewhat costly than the conventional round latrines.

Last Review

This TOTO latrine looks beautiful has premium plan and performs incredibly. This latrine model keeps on flourishing as it conveys its clients with a very fulfilling and most elevated flushing power on a quick and quiet mode with laying no issue to its structure and plan. This TOTO latrine is absolutely worth making a venture on and is strongly suggested! By and large, it is an able restroom installation accessible at an extraordinarily sensible cost

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