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Some say that until someone indicates that they are able to beat USC, the Trojans deserve the pinnacle spot. However, I individually believe that LSU has the threshold. Here’s why.

LSU has performed 2 games. In both, the outcome of 1XBET sport was determined within the early within the first half. In the season opener, LSU honestly beaten Mississippi State forty five-0. Yes, Mississippi State might be the worst crew within the SEC, however to preserve any team to 0 points is incredible.

The Bulldogs could not even muster up enough steam to get within area intention range. I don’t care who the opposition is, that’s pure domination. Then in their 2d recreation, LSU proved that no longer most effective can they placed the smack down on mediocre groups, however they also can beat good teams. And after I say beat, I imply genuinely beat. The Tigers certainly wiped the ground with the Hokies, forty eight-7. And permit’s no longer overlook, Virginia Tech was ranked 9th within the country at that factor.

On the other side of the ball, USC is 1-zero after beating the Idaho Vandals 38-10. Beating a group by means of four touchdowns is continually an amazing end result, however the Idaho Vandals? Come on USC! The rating should have been even extra lopsided. If you examine a 38-10 USC victory over Idaho to LSU’s 45-zero massacre of Mississipi State, which victory seems more impressive? LSU’s!! Furthermore, USC has yet to be truly challenged through a worthy opponent, something that LSU met with ease.

So, until USC suggests that they can also dismantle ranked teams a l.  A. LSU, I ought to give the brink to the Tiger’s in the national ranking. At this factor in time, LSU’s resume is simplt more astonishing. Does that imply USC isn’t always a championship contender? No! In reality, I wish to the high heavens.

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