Modern Islamic Names For Boys

Current Islamic Baby Names For Boys – New A To Z List Of Modern Muslim Boys Names

Name is just first personality of every Muslim child kid after birth and afterward clan, culture and birthplace unquestionably assume their jobs for coming advances. In every day standard, new creations to make life ease, Right! Why not new popular and present day Islamic names for young men which are started from Arabic roots with attractive implications? We should have a sharp search for top present day Muslim kid names with their implications at Getnames. Current Muslim kid names beginning from start to finish.    Muslim boys Names

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2: Top Islamic Boys Names


Current Muslim kid names beginning with A letters in order, Get your most acclaimed Arabic Islamic infant kid names in Urdu

Ahzan – احزن implies: Sorrow

Aban – آبان implies: Angle of Iron

Asnan – اثنان implies: Second One

Aaez – عائز implies: Humble

Aadil – عادل implies: Upright

Aamir – عامر implies: Civilized

Ajwad – اجود implies: Better

Ammar – عمار implies: Great manufacturer

Almas – الماس implies: Diamond

Akif – عاکف implies: Reward

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