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JFrog Xray

JFrog Xray is consistent open-source security and widespread relic investigation device.

With JFrog Xray, you can consistently examine your relics and conditions for security weaknesses and permit consistence issues.

As an all inclusive curio learn java examination arrangement, Xray proactively recognizes security weaknesses and permit hazards. Before showing underway, Xray locally coordinates with JFrog Artifactory giving perceivability in all the antiquity metadata, remembering security status for a solitary screen.

jfrog xray

JFrog Xray information base of new weaknesses and advances is continually growing, empowering you to improve specialized decisions with less compromises. It checks every one of your parts against its developing information base of new weaknesses and cautions you to new issues even after the delivery.

It bolsters all bundle types and uses profound recursive filtering to audit all underlined layers and conditions, even those bundled in Docker pictures and compress records. JFrog Xray likewise makes a chart of your antiquities and conditions structure and effect investigation of the weaknesses and permit issues found


Qualys holder security is a device used to find, track, and constantly ensure compartment conditions. It filters for weaknesses inside pictures or holders in the DevOps pipeline and organizations on cloud or on-premise conditions.

Qualys gives a free form of the holder security application to give clients a brief look at what it can offer. It gives you a perspective on pictures and compartments running on the climate. On the off chance that you need to filter them, you have to take their paid membership.

It likewise gives runtime security to holders by giving capacity level firewall for compartments. It gives inside and out perceivability into compartment conduct and ensures the picture and running holders utilizing Qualys CRS (compartment runtime security) layer.


Presently you know holder security scanner exists, so no reason. Feel free to attempt to perceive how they can assist you with keeping your containerized application sheltered and secure.

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