Tasteful grin recovery of veneer hypomineralized teeth with E-max prosthesis

impression was taken by stock plate, Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Heavy-Body and Light body Impression Material 3M ESPE then equivocated utilizing clay and Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material 3M ESPE. Nibble enlistment was taken for arranged teeth and shade was chosen as A1 for more common look and as indicated by quiet inclination. Full layering E-max crowns and facade were utilized and attempted in quiet mouth and get her acknowledgment before cementation. All prosthesis solidified utilizing Multilink Automix-Adhesive Cementation System. Overabundance concrete was evacuated, tasteful and phonetic were checked. Post-employable radiographs implant dentaire and photographs were taken following cementation at that point post-usable photographs taken after 3 days . Follow up after 6 months show appropriate gingival wellbeing and improvement of oral cleanliness. Scaling and root planing performed after taken some photographs for documentation (.



Formative lacquer hypomineralization is a condition influence nature of polish outcome in low clarity and darkness territory that bargain persistent grin. Lithium disilicate Emax prosthesis report a predominant properties in stylish treatment. This report is planned to decide the adequacy of lithium disilicate (E-max) prosthesis in overseeing stylish interest of patient with polish hypomineralized teeth.

1. Presentation

Today the stylish dentistry stands out for patient through the web based life and network. That bring about raise patient’s requests to get ideal grin with top notch materials and strategies and including the patient more in dynamic (Naura Venâncio et al., 2014).

Teeth staining consider one of the most tasteful issues urge individual to look for dental treatment. There are numerous elements can cause teeth staining chiefly partitioned to extraneous variables influencing external surface of the tooth like food or drinks, or inherent components influencing inward surface like medications, inordinate presentation to fluoride, injury or foundational maladies. Different reasons like veneer or dentine irregularities are consider (Menon, 2014). Formative polish imperfections one of normal conditions influencing both dentition and ordered for the most part to two gatherings: lacquer hypomineralization and hypoplasia. The distinction between them that in hypomineralization nature of finish is influenced so it shows up with low clarity while the hypoplasia is quantitative imperfection of lacquer (Jälevik and Norén, 2000).

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