The Ultimate Xbox Smartphone

[Applause] i’m on xbox i’m on xbox is the thing about it so this is xbox on an android smartphone all right so i’m a little pumped up it’s fair to say i did a video recently on these units over here series s xbox series s and series x cannot play them of course yet well they’re not out yet but something else came out today that i’m uh i’m really interested to check out this is my first impression i have not goofed with this stuff at all of course i’m talking about the new xbox game streaming service it was previously called xcloud it’s going to become part of game pass it’s currently it’s still beta at the time that i’m filming this however when you’re watching this you can apparently go experience it for yourself as well because it’s launching releasing the date that you are watching this anyways in front of me Mobile Phones Repairs i have some of the more interesting recent form factors for smartphones because i thought these would be interesting to test all you have to do is take one of these xbox bluetooth controller and pair it up to your favorite android device or any android device so you have to be your favorite it could be in your pocket maybe it’s not even your favorite it’s the one you happen to have right now it could be a tablet could be a smartphone and just like that you’re tapping into somewhere around 150 x box titles on your mobile device now these are in most cases a lot more elaborate and sophisticated these titles than your typical mobile game and you’re playing them on demand no download it’s just streaming it’s very again very exciting so i decided to pick some of the more interesting devices that have shown up recently because i don’t know why not make it exciting and also to kind of establish the fact that maybe there is a reason some unforeseen reason that we keep venturing into new form factors like i’m sitting here looking right now at the surface duo thinking to myself that’s a nice little game console look at this little guy you have the screen you pick whichever angle you like like some sort of mini laptop you can have it plugged in charging while you’re playing i got the xbox controller hooked up via bluetooth 150 titles with the xbox game pass and i’m just look at me and moving and grooving this of course is the z-fold 2. you prop that guy up and you have a huge gaming surface available to you and then just for the fun of it since this is the freshest of the bunch i have the new lg wing here and i was thinking to myself oh this could be cool too because with the dual screen setup you could have your xbox game up top and then whatever other notifications or purpose whatever you might want to have going on on the bottom side as well so i got some cool form factors here to experiment with and i actually have the beta version of the microsoft game streaming on all three of them so this is xbox on an android smartphone and we might as well just kick it off with the microsoft product first as you can see on the left hand side here i have the xbox app this is the beta version of the app again time you’re watching this you could probably just grab the regular one willy doo has been playing forza horizon 4 i mean that sounds good to me maybe i’ll give that a shot that’s a legit xbox title oh here we go so it’s actually going to prompt me i totally forgot to connect the controller it’s going to prompt me within here bluetooth settings pair new bluetooth i’m going to just power this up xbox wireless controller lovely and it’s gonna launch my game now keep in mind this is a big game many gigs it’s one of the downsides of look at this and i just you see what’s happening here i’m streaming right now i can just go ahead click a oh this is kind of cool now i don’t know about the speed we have a decent connection here in the studio just keep in mind while watching this at the time that i’m playing this it is still in beta oh i’m just in the game now yes i’m playing right now whoa oh my god it was on like some side trail on the grass over here i gotta get back to the track i was just i was just too heavy on the throttle and i’m sitting here i’m just deep in the vibe right now i used to be into racing games you know gran turismo days yo [Laughter] this i gotta say okay hold up can i what do i oh i’m on xbox so i just what do i do i just i’m on xbox i’m on xbox there’s a thing about it and the weird part for me right now right here is not the game yeah it’s four’s okay fine the weird thing for me right now is i jump straight into it and it’s very now of course i know i’m not on the console i have a certain apprehension around playing it on mobile and is like going to jump in you know maybe if you’re playing super competitive or something but to just have a vision of the future in which you know the load times and the download times it can be such a buzz kill you know what they’re charging for the ultimate package it’s like 150 games or something like that and you could just jump in jump out it’s kind of it’s like netflix but for gaming sort of and that’s what’s got my wheels turning but that is forza that i was playing forza just the opening thing but it was definitely forza do i just oh i just go here i just quit the game i just quit the game and i got all the games and even kirk is watching he’s interested now maybe i want to play a different game now they got to remind you on the beta thing and you can see the loading time i mean this may change and this is going to be dependent on your connection as well and you’re not going to have the craziest resolution coming through but how much does that matter on a display like this i still i feel better off than just booting up some mobile game one thing this has me feeling though that will like some louder speakers and that’s one area where i feel like if i switch to the z fold too it’s going to hit me more in the ear drum now keep in mind there are all types of clips and things you can get for typical smartphone form factors as well you want to just have them up above the controller so anyway i’m going to forward friends and sure why not yeah oh you’re multi right now yeah yeah i’m online right now yeah i’m online right now because it comes part of you got the gold pass as well with the thing it’s all bundled together yeah i’m in a squad fighting off the whore not good whoa what’s my melee completed all right so i’ll say about that that’s a that’s a tougher that’s a tougher gig i’ll tell you what with the shooter and it’s obvious the game is mapped for a bigger display i do believe though that some games are going to map better to this service than others and a lot of people will be in the comments a lot of people will hit me up on social media and say you know why didn’t you you weren’t harsh enough on the thing why didn’t you talk about this this this and that and i hate that and i hate that too i realize how complicated these type of these types of endeavors are to to put this catalog and have it on demand and just hit a play button and jump into it and i personally i get excited about the future and the potential of things and i kind of i also want to make sure that i represent that part of it as well as possible i also want to make sure i’m able to say uh okay maybe not today but it’s part of a thing that could be a bigger deal in the future so i totally expect there to be hiccups on a service like this it’s it’s a very ambitious concept however i’m glad that it exists i’m glad that they’re working on it because at least for me the mobile gaming experience and specifically the titles available have never really been all that compelling when you mix this with these emerging form factors here i am on the z-fold 2. same thing i could launch forza over here and what you would see is this going to give you a huge gaming surface might have a typical smartphone i know this one is not typical but i chose it because it works in a typical form factor whether or not you take it all the way to the wing format and what you can see here on this one no problem it functions there as well let’s try to pair this one up let’s just do this real quick i mean maybe you have to give a few minus points for the fact that the camera notch creates a line you don’t expand the whole screen width wise however when you think about a television screen it’s typically a little bit taller than your average smartphone in 2020 and so this one is probably going to give you a little more bang for your buck in terms of screen real estate this is the intro video so it’s going to be a little wider with black bars one thing though listen to the sound on this thing it’s your dream life that’s the horizon like look at the screen real estate and how that actually breaks down so you can hear you can hear from time to time a little bit of the audio glitch and this and that and it’s you know it’s streaming still streaming is streaming a tremendous amount of bandwidth so we need to kind of curb our expectations and i mean it’s hard to compare it one to one with having a look at the size difference this box is not in your pocket so we got to think about it in those terms i guess it’s fair for people just to want it to be perfect that’s fair but you don’t get there right away you got to get the ball rolling and so like i said for the time being i think some games are going to map a little bit better than others but it’s a it’s a whole inventory and i’m not sure who can match this right now i’m not sure who can compete with it right now i find it uh very interesting regardless of which android device you bring to the party and then i find it interesting as well and it’s something i’ve talked about on lou later a number of times that this stuff is not going to show up on ios at least not anytime soon because apple has had all kinds of restrictions around the idea of launching straight into a game they want each game title listed individually within the app store and it’s not going to happen and it’s not how these services work so now you have ios users that seriously need to be considering an android device if they care enough about xbox caliber gaming via stream instantly with a controller on their device and that goes for tablets too by the way i don’t have a tablet here but if you had an android tablet it would be the same situation so anyway there you have it it’s a quick look into the capabilities here i can’t play all 150 titles but regardless of what which exciting platform you’re using in 2020 as long as it’s android you can play xbox games on it now

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